Wedding Dresses

The Trends in Wedding Dresses 2013 Models

The wedding dresses 2013 are very stylish and beautiful. These are dresses that start from the trend of retro designs and romantic wedding dresses with lace, satin wedding gowns are some of the major trends. The bonds of satin and taffeta also complete this style leaving the dress with more style for the wedding night.

The wedding dresses 2013 models may also have mermaid, of course with a new look ever seen in the past, wedding dresses mermaid with ruffles or pleats in the most voluminous of this style makes a big bet for the next year. Romantic styles and also with applications of artificial flowers make the dress especially in a climate of tropical summer.

The vintage trend has marked its presence in its countless areas, from the decor, events, and of course the clothes. And it continues to set trends for 2013 wedding dresses. On the one hand, because many designers are inspired by pieces from other periods for the creation of their dresses, lace and abusing the models referring to other times. Moreover, because some people now are refer to the cabinet “there from home” and making some changes to use the wedding dress of the mother or another family. In addition to achieving work only achieves a more personal dress.

Some of the most “traditional”, with known or princess cut with a cinched waists, very feminine, will also continue this current year. The fell-fell so appreciated by brides and sexy V-neck also continued to trend next year.

The novelty is that the dresses in these models are usually more bulky than normal in part below the waist with several layers of fabrics like tulle.

The level of the latest trends are asymmetrical wedding dresses, especially those who have only one handle. For example, some models were launched in style “Roman” with tissue fluids that are comfortable and yet very sexy.

Finally, there is a big bet on the color for wedding dresses this coming year. Strong colors became part of the options brides but that more emphasis had been black. Yes, oddly enough, black wedding dresses are already something “acceptable” and even appreciated by fashion critics.