Wedding Dresses

Selected the most beautiful wedding

What wedding gown selection tips? Face a variety of wedding dresses, dazzling! How to choose the most suitable for their own wedding? Is to choose the princess type, skirt type, personal type or queen type? Is to choose a romantic or soft silk satin lace fabric? To listen to the recommendations of the designer VITABELLA !

Selection before the wedding, you must determine the wedding season, exact time, place and style. Wedding coordinated with the wedding style. If your wedding is a very fashionable wedding, you can choose to go in a fashionable wedding; if it is a traditional ceremony, generous selection of classical wedding certainly true; if in a rural or garden wedding, outdoor wedding to choose wearing a lovely and lively style.

If you need to customize the wedding, the best selection to begin six months in advance, minimum or less than 3 months, so time will be sufficient. Because design a wedding takes about 2 months, and preferably one month before the wedding service of your hands, it is easy to fine-tuning changes. Custom wedding, the first full attention to the needs of most parts of your body size, such as: chest, waist or hips, and then look at other parts are appropriate.