Pendant Lights

Mini Artistic Cone Pendant Lamp 1 Light Aluminum & Wooden Droplight


When it comes to lamps we do not have enough because there is a great variety that is why we can find the Mini Artistic Cone Pendant Lamp, which has a simple but very modern design, is available in white, black, dusty blue, Aluminum and wooden droplight ideal to decorate and illuminate the room of a teenager or the kitchen of a house, is a very simple lamp but also has a highlight for its simple design.

It is a pendant light, with a classic style but at the same time modern, it is retro and vintage looks like a cone shaped lantern, it is ideal for bathrooms, kitchen, rooms, it has dimensions Fixture Height 24.5cm (9.6 inch) Fixture Width 26cm (10.2 inch) Fixture Length 26cm (10.2 inch) Chain / Cord Length 160cm (63 inch) Chain / Cord Adjustable or Not Adjustable / Cord Adjustable, its material is uniquely metal with a wood decoration, color design is unicolor, blue, black and white, and its weight is little are only 0.82kg, is a pendant lamp that deserves the opportunity to be bought.

It is a very simple design but sometimes in the simple thing you can find the innovator, do not let pass the opportunity to light your home or even your office, remember that we are all in search of the lamp that is ideal for us, in you can get and buy this discount lamp, a simple design but at the same time with a mix of classic, retro, vintage and contemporary, because everything can be maintained but adapts to the new changes.

You can make the purchase of this pendant lamp for only 39.59e, saving 59.39e, because its original cost without being in discount is 98.98, this way you would be taking home a lamp that is retro and modern at the same time, ideal For those people who have an old soul. Not every day you have the opportunity to have a nice lamp for a good price, because we must emphasize that its price is worth it, in addition you must take advantage of the discount and not let it pass, it is a pendant light that serves to illuminate every place of your house And be the perfect combination with all the decoration of your home.

There are still people who love vintage and retro, this is why this lamp with a simple design is ideal for those who have their home or office with a vintage decor, because there is variety for all tastes and styles and especially for those who love the combination of the classic and the modern. A simple pendant lamp is what you surely need your home to illuminate your living room, your room, your kitchen, your bathroom and even the garage, so stop thinking and buy this pendant lamp that was made with the best Materials and with a retro and modern style. Light up your spaces and decorate with the best hanging light you can find.