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Inspiring Images of Asian Wedding Cakes

There is something special with the Asian design, something that makes Asian art be unique, and this feature we can find as well represented within the decorative style of Asian wedding cakes. The design if this culture always comes in simple lines and yet so intricate because Asian artists succeed in capturing merely the essence through these simple lines, this essence makes their style be at the same time so intricate.

If you take a look among the pictures displayed online with Asian wedding cakes you will find them to be very inspiring if you decide to plan a wedding with an Asian theme. You don’t need to be of Asian culture and formation in order to approach this theme within the celebration of your wedding, since there are so many wedding couples who have decided to plan their special day in this style.

There are many decorative motifs of Asian culture and tradition that can be used with the decoration of your wedding cake that it can be rather hard to make a final choice. The inspiring images of Asian wedding cakes reveal cakes that can be seen as real works of art, made with a skillfulness that confers that cake the status of a ‘too beautiful to eat’ cake.

The predominant color for the frosting is red and the decorative symbols go for the elegant cranes, for cherry blooms, as well as the legendary dragon figure. There are also Asian wedding cakes that are designed with various whimsical themes, such as three tiers cake designed as take-away boxes with Asian noodles and chopsticks emerging from the top box that is open.