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Egyptian Wedding Dresses

Egyptians, like Chinese people are crazy about all things grand, elaborated and highly detailed. Both these type of culture promote wealth, power and grandeur. And this style influenced the wedding field too. Egyptian brides are to wear pompous wedding gowns with rich details and showy embroideries, gowns which have the role of expressing the principles of their culture.

The traditional style is based on a gorgeous angular type of embroidery and on gold embellishments. In general, Egyptian wedding dresses are extremely long. The large surface allows their manufactures to sew and incorporate more intricate accents and details. The more embroidered the dresses are the more appealing and seductive the bride will look! But you should not be scared about the pompous style they display.

You don’t have to opt for a showy gown to fir a 2012 Egyptian themed wedding. The models we brought for this article are highly relevant in this case. Our designers are extremely talented and their sense of creativity is visible in the collections they make. Some of them like to get inspired from different cultures and styles in order to create special bridal lines for special women who are willing to try something different.

The Egyptian style is definitely one of the most eccentric and exuberant. You can plan the wedding in the desert and adopt the ancient style. You will be able to create a gorgeous background for your Egyptian wedding dress. The richly adorned waistlines and hems are specific to this culture. The shawls used as headdresses are also part of Egypt’s wedding traditions.

Their dresses cover the body and the face so you must be wondering what their secret is! They use linen – the material that is both comfortable & cooling. There are brides who like to wear something more formal so they choose sophisticated fabrics like silks. Accessories are very important for Egyptian brides. Try the henna art and obtain a gorgeous unique look!