Mother of the Bride Dresses

5 Tips for Mother of The Bride Dresses

There’s nothing worse than finding a mother of the bride dress that looks good on the rack but not on you. Some dresses were meant to look good in a size 4 only. Don’t get discouraged – you’ll definitely find something that will look fabulous on you!

For full figured mothers, look for these features in a mother of the bride dress to wear at your daughter’s or son’s wedding:

1. Unless you don’t mind showing off your curves, avoid clingy dresses that reveal every bulge on your body. They can be uncomfortable, difficult to move in and unflattering. Find a dress that is looser and either flows around the body or is fitted. It doesn’t have to be chiffon – stiffer fabrics like taffeta look great, too. The best combination is to wear a fitted bodice with a flowing skirt.

2. Choose the right undergarments. Visible panty lines and darker colored bras peeking through lighter dresses are always a definite fashion faux pas. Nude colored lingerie will prevent this problem. You can even try wearing control-top hose to add a bit of support where it’s needed.

3. Unless you want to highlight an area on your body, dresses that are all one color usually appear more slimming.

4. Add a wrap or shawl. Did you see the gorgeous outfit Hillary Clinton wore when her daughter Chelsea got married? The wrap completed her dress, acting as an elegant and practical accessory. Wraps and shawls allow you to wear a fashionable strapless dress, but provide additional coverage for the upper arms (a common problem area for plus size women).

5. Wear it with pride. Once you’ve gotten all dressed up for the big day, put your game face on – self confidence and a positive attitude is way more important that what you’re wearing!